DCRPU:  Special Committee Report
8 February 2015
Jason V. Morgan

On January 24, 2015, several members of the DCRPU attended a website workshop presented by Loretta Tillery.  During this workshop, Ms. Tillery provided an overview of how to get started with WordPress, a free webhosting solution.  She also got us started with a WordPress account and a Gmail address.

The URL for the DCRPU website is  The Gmail address for the DCRPU is  Emails sent to the DCRPU Gmail address are currently CCed to Barbara Miller.

Work on fleshing out the DCRPU website began during the website workshop.  More information has since been added leading to a website with the following content:


| +-History
| +-Agendas*
| +-Meeting Notices*
| +-Documents
| | +-NAP Articles of Incorporation*
| | +-DCRPU Bylaws
| | | +-Tax Information*
| | +-DCRPU Standing Rules
| | | +-DCRPU Amenities Standing Rule
| | +-Minutes*
| +-Officers and Committees
+-Unit Address*

*Several of the DCRPU web pages are password protected to limit access to potentially sensitive information such as personally identifiable information. These pages can be accessed using the password [REDACTED].

The service DOMAIN.COM provides domains ending in .COM for $9.99 / year.  Privacy protection, which limits the information available about the individual registering the domain, is available for another $8.99 / year.  Website forwarding is available for no additional charge.  Domains can be registered for up to five years.

The DCRPU website Special Committee moves that:

Resolved, Jason V. Morgan shall register the domain, or a similar domain with the advice and consent of the website special committee, and set the registered domain to forward to; and

Resolved, Jason V. Morgan shall be reimbursed up to $60 for the expense of registering the domain for a three years with privacy protection.

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