DCRPU Standing Rules


  1. Meetings. The regular meetings of the unit shall begin at 2:30 p.m
  2. The dues of this unit shall be four dollars ($12.00) per member per year, payable as provided in Article III, Section 5 of these bylaws.  The amount of dues may be changed at any regular meeting by previous notice and a majority vote or, without previous notice, by a two-thirds vote or by the vote of a majority of the entire membership.
  3. Minutes of the Annual Meeting. At the annual meeting, a committee of two members shall be appointed to approve the minutes of that meeting.
  4. Amenities.  The amenities committee shall recognize  occurrences and events in the lives of unit members as follows:

A. Occurrences.  

(1) Death.

(a) The death of a member’s spouse or child shall be recognized by a floral arrangement or a financial contribution to a special cause or to a survivor.  The cost of the amenity shall not exceed $40.00, including delivery.

(b) The death of another immediate family member (such as parent, sibling, or grandchild) shall be recognized by a card or note at a cost not to exceed $5.00, including postage.

(2) Member Illness.  

(a) A member who is hospitalized for longer than 24 hours shall be recognized by a plant or fruit basket at a cost not to exceed $35.00, including delivery.

(b) A member who is confined at home for several days due to flu, sprains, accidents, etc., shall be recognized by a get-well card or note at a cost not to exceed $5.00, including postage.

B. Events.  With the approval of the executive board by telephone or by e-mail, members shall be recognized for significant events in a manner deemed appropriate and at a cost not to exceed $5.00.  This category includes such events as the birth of a child, wedding, graduation, notable accomplishment, etc.

C. Procedures.

(1) Any member may notify the amenities chair that he or she has experienced one of the above-mentioned occurrences or a significant event.

(2) The amenities chair shall verify with the treasurer that the provision of the appropriate amenity will not reduce the unit’s available funds to an amount less than $300.00.  If it does not, the amenities chair will arrange for the provision of the amenity; provide the treasurer with receipts (for reimbursement purposes); and, at the next unit meeting, shall submit a report about the occurrence or event and the amenity provided.

(3) When possible to do so without negatively affecting timely delivery of an amenity, the amenities chair shall provide an opportunity for unit members to sign greeting cards and cards accompanying material items or financial contributions.

Amended:  April 7 2019 

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