The D.C. Registered Parliamentarians Unit was organized in Washington, DC and its application for Unit charter was approved on July 14, 1974 in accordance with the National Association of Parliamentarians and the bylaws of the District of Columbia Association of Parliamentarians. Gertrude Hosmer, State President, attested the application.

First Unit President, Nathala T. Cox
First Unit Secretary, Francis Meyers

First Unit Members:
Cox, Mrs. C. Rhodes
Hobson, Miss. Katherine G
Hosmer, Mrs. Howard
Meyers, Mrs. Theodore T.
Sartwell, Mrs. Franklin G.
Schlotzhauer, Mrs. Elbert O.
Steele, Mrs. James W.
Welborn, Mrs. J. York

Officers Over The Years

1998-1999T. Page JohnsonJohn Stackpole
1999-2000T. Page JohnsonJohn Stackpole
2000-2001Evelyn W. KaneJohn Stackpole
2001-2002Evelyn W. KaneJohn Stackpole
2002-2003Sigrid CraneJacqueline Shillings
2003-2004Sigrid CraneJacqueline Shillings
2004-2005Peola McCaskillNorma Anderson
2005-2006Peola McCaskillNorma Anderson
2006-2007 Peola McCaskillNorma Anderson
2007-2008Darlene AllenSigrid Crane
2008-2009Darlene AllenSigrid Crane
2009-2010Norma AndersonSigrid Crane
2010-2011Norma AndersonJason V. Morgan
2011-2012Norma AndersonFerial Bishop
2012-2013Ferial BishopMarjorie Vaughan
2013-2014Ferial BishopMarjorie Vaughan
2014-2015Barbara  MillerMarjorie Vaughan
2015-2016Barbara  MillerMarjorie Vaughan
2016-2018John TatumBetty Tunstall
2018-2020Ferial BishopJohn Tatum

Over the years the following persons have served as Vice President:

Phyllis Roberts

Page Johnson

Evelyn Kane

Sigrid Crane

Norma Anderson

John Tatum

Jason V. Morgan

Ferial Bishop

Rose Acker-McIver

If you are are a former member of the Unit and have additional information, please be sure to let us know.

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